Out From The Shadows…

Heroic FSL Spokesperson, Wolfgang Moneypenny

I am Wolfgang Moneypenny. I am the current spokesperson of FreeSouthLondon, a freedom fighters’ group dedicated to the on-going struggle of the oppressed peoples of South London, historic capital city of Albion. We fight the excesses of the British Empire’s bureaucratic centralising imperialist agenda. Our manifesto is simple: Independence or Death!

For years now we have been a secret organisation, working tirelessly but hidden away, shamefully, living like rats in the Brixton Anarcho-Situationist Commune with my three wives and countless concubines.

But the days of the cloak & dagger approach have ended. I am taking the risk, biting the bullet, clubbing the seal. I am going public. I am going to use the media, for so long a propaganda instrument of the centralising British estabLIESment, to push forward our own revolutionary discourse.

South London – a vibrant, organic, unique half-city – is ready to break free and stand proud under its historic flag:

South London is strong enough to survive as an independent city-state in a globalised world. We have a higher GDP than established standalone capital cities such as Berlin, Delhi, Stockholm, Lisbon and even the Moon. We can do it. All we need to do is break free from the shackles of our imagination.

My fellow South Londoners, ARISE!!


2 Responses to “Out From The Shadows…”

  1. Are you crazy?

  2. […] I mentioned in my introductory post, I am moving from the shadowy world of extra-parliamentary activities and into the bright lights of […]

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