Oh My Days! Brixton Zebra!

Totally nicked – or as I like to say, looted for the revolutionary cause – from How To Be A Retronaut. But COME ON PEOPLE. Just when you thought Brixton couldn’t get much cooler, much funkier, much Brixtoner, the sands of time splurge out this beauty. A tamed zebra. Pulling a cart. In Brixton. The photograph is even in black & white!

Come the revolution, mark my revolutionary truthnuggets, the zebra & carts shall return to the streets of South London. And if any wishy-washy animal rights campaigners pipe up they shall be slapped down. BY MY THRUSTING GROIN!

Viva da zebralution!


One Response to “Oh My Days! Brixton Zebra!”

  1. Thieve on, dear heart

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