Monster On Nice Roof

Jamie Reid, famous for his Sex Pistols artwork, grew up in Croydon. Indeed, he attributes the influence of the place and his South London politically active family as big influences on his work, both positively and negatively.

I have never been one to blindly, uniformly throw compliments the way of my half-city. Yes, of course, South London is brilliant, beautiful, bouncingly boomtastic and all the rest. But it has a dark heart. Truculence oozes. Regret judders. Solitude consumes. Just as the Catholic church has the Virgin Mary as mother & virgin, I present to you South London in its most exhilaratingly revolutionary form: both Good and Bad. Gorgeous and Grotesque. I take delight in this tense sense of unself.

Reid’s artwork addresses one such element of light and dark. The comfort/horror of suburbia that as intrinsically part of South London as Brixton, Greenwich and anything else you can think of…

Thirtyfour years since Reid addressed this, we still await a final solution to the suburban question.


2 Responses to “Monster On Nice Roof”

  1. Bakerman Says:

    I have a this great picture, dose any want to buy it? I had it framed with a load of other Jamie Reid things.
    love it or hate it? I’m not sure.
    signed, no 25


  2. anything after lego movie

    Monster On Nice Roof | FREE SOUTH LONDON

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