Revolutionary Coffee

Coffee is great. Inspires the revolutionary mind quite splendidly. I’ve just truth-blasted an article about Elephant & Castle for an on-line magazine. Did whilst sipping at a latte. Pure brilliance was the result. So, if you want an uprising in your thoughtgasm capabilities, shoot a drinkline direct to your brainbox. You won’t regret it, comrades.

Furthermore, my dear little countercounterrevolutionist darlings, here’s an offer you’ll find hard to refuse. All you hyperlocals out there, sitting proud of your patch of Greater South London, hit me up at if you’d like me to Represent your ‘bourhood on this blog. Simply take me out for a coffee – a nice coffee, mind you – and me & the fabulous hat* will chat with you & tour your locality – and then post about it here. Can’t say fairer that that. Except this: “REVOLUTIONARY JUSTICE!!!!!!!!”

* =


6 Responses to “Revolutionary Coffee”

  1. I’ll have a coffee with you. And a cup of sex.

  2. I say! When are you free, sweetie?

  3. For you? Anytime! Anytime within the hours of 00.00-00.01.

  4. Ah, playing hard to get? I like your cheek! But seriously, honeydoll, 60 seconds simply won’t be enough for you, my young pretty. One taste of my revolutionary will and the night will be young, your body shaking & your pillow expectantly awaiting a box of Milk Tray…

  5. Ha, South Londoners don’t leave Milk Tray. You leave a wrinkled pack of Beef Jerky wot you did buy from one of the three 24 hour newsagents open in South London.

    Speaking of wrinkled beef jerky, I’ll bring the condoms and the flat-caps, not forgetting the £10 a slice piece of cake from a North London bakery.

    Oh, did I mention I’m from North London? That won’t be a problem, will it?

  6. I find North London girls are usually perfectly willing to go down south. And I’m always happy to further the cause through cross-party pollination. I mean discussion.

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