South Africa, Elephant & Castle, Concentration Camps and Postmodernity

Bastards! That’s what I shouted as I picked up a copy of yesterday’s Guardian. A front page story about the removal of undesirables from World Cup venue cities in South Africa. They are being housed – or rather unhoused – in heavily/brutally policed Tin Can Towns. Concentration Camps!

This is the onward march of postmodernity, people. The fervoured and businesslike importancification of global events & the power/status-hungry desperate core-ization of cities. Fuck people. Adore staus.

On a lower level, this reminds me of Central London’s postmodern rape-encroachment of South London. First the Southbank. Now Elephant & Castle. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches. Bitches.

And this is why a central policy of my South London separatism is thus: In a world of increasing sterile – and even brutally dehumanizing – homogeneity let’s make South London the rebel heart of metropolitan heterodoxy.

¡Viva La Revolsplendidution!


3 Responses to “South Africa, Elephant & Castle, Concentration Camps and Postmodernity”

  1. On a more personal note, my sister, myself and MRM went to Wimbledon recently. In our pursuit for the “real wimbledon” we went up to the village, rather than stay around the sterile “Centre Court” Shopping Centre area. Of course Metropolitan rurality brings it’s own awkward moments, particularly when one finds oneself explaining to one’s nephew why the Council jobsworth from the London Borough of Merton is culling wombles.

  2. Sir, if things don’t work out at Nottingham East, I’m sure there will be a vacancy waiting for you in a glorious Republic of South London. What would you fancy? Head Officer of Womble Procreation? Minister of Information?

  3. […] Execution Of Eugene Terreblanche So, on the day I blogged about South Africa’s contemporary dehumanization, a walking-totem-relic of a bygone dehumanization is hacked to death on his (essentially stolen) […]

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