The American Apparel Riot

Have a look at these daft buggers, as reported by the BBC News website. Alerted by an online promotion, 2,000 bargain-hungry shopper-rioters descend on Brick Lane’s (in *spit* East London) American Apparel store and… fight. Ten policechaps were injured. For what? Some clothing.

It’s 21st Century Postmodern Riots. Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to yesteryear’s nightmare future! To all those who claim my raging South London nationalism is backwards, that my struggle against the homogeneity of transnational hypercapitalist culture is unprogressive, I say: here’s my middle finger. Stick it up your dehumanized arsehole!

She perhaps has a right to fight for some clothes, but all the other morons can fuck off.

Posto-scritumimus: Please some give that poor girl something to cover her naked gleaming breasts! That wee shockpatch of pubic hair isn’t going to keep her warm…


5 Responses to “The American Apparel Riot”

  1. Bethnal Green? Associated with violence? Whatever next?

  2. […] in Bethnal Green not far from Brick Lane. For her birthday last year, myself and others including a FreeSouthLondon contributor went to Brick Lane for a Night out. I have always understood it to be a place of calm […]

  3. […] Sasha Grey is a pornographic actress and/or sexual terrorist (I’m a little fuzzy on terminology – will ask wife #3 as she is the tamed radical feminist of the commune) who I incidently referenced in an earlier blog post about the recent American Apparel riot in East London. […]

  4. i really love this sasha thing. just wanna see her and met her personally…
    gonna check if she talk proffessional or something…

  5. Sasha is probably a greatly in demand public speaker. Have you tried iTunesU?

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