The Execution Of Eugene Terreblanche

So, on the day I blogged about South Africa’s contemporary dehumanization, a walking-totem-relic of a bygone dehumanization is hacked to death on his (essentially stolen) farm.

South Africa’s black-hating white-supremacist figurehead Eugene Terreblanche has been murdered/executed/dealth with, apparently by two farm workers in a dispute over peanuts. Er, I mean wages.

In essence I welcome this. He was a particularly vile counterrevolutionist. The quivering gristle of aborted old world imperialism. However…

Will this mean yet more cowardly white South Africans, with their absurd voices & vacant soulless eyes, seeking refuge by cramming into my beloved South London, talking loudly on trains about rugby and how many “birrrds” they plan to “furk”?* Gods help us! I’ve never met a nice white South African…

At least they will make – if gagged – a nice slave race after the revolution.

* = They’re not birds, they’re sensual women. And one should make love to them, not fuck.


One Response to “The Execution Of Eugene Terreblanche”

  1. Well, I consider myself to be a nice ex-South African. However, like you, I have an essential antipathy to the kind of South African twats who populate the South of London. That’s why I live in the Norf, innit. Hardly ever have to hear a South African accent up here (apart from my Mum’s, and my own seffafrican accent, which I killed in my head and on my lips when I came to this fair isle in my teens)

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