London Opinion Poll… conducted by a 10 year old

Thus far, the General Election has predictably been avoiding the real issues, namely the growing calls for independence in South London. Yesterday, frustrated by the main parties’lack of action, my 10 year-old firstborn, fresh from a weekend of indoctrination & revolutionary training, conducted an impromptu opinion poll, asking the question, “Which part of London is the best?” He did this on-board a train between London Paddington and Plymouth, a journey one might well assume would lead to a West & Central bias. In the face of this accidental TfL jerrymandering, my hopes for South London’s showing were understandably pessimistic…

But the results were flabbergast-worthy:

5th: Dreaded North London, 5 votes.

4th: Pretentious East London, 9 votes.

3rd: Monotonous West London, 16 votes.

2nd: Hypercapitalist Central London, 17 votes.

1st: Glorious South London, 20 votes.

Comrades, the message is spreading like a plague of good news! Keep up the efforts.

2 Responses to “London Opinion Poll… conducted by a 10 year old”

  1. Whilst flabbergasted, what actually counts as South London? Not in the elongated lengths of London, i.e. the Croydon/Kingston debate, but my sister lives in Chelsea, which, while it is SW3 might insinuate it’s placement in South London, given that Brixton (SW2) and Clapham Common (SW4) are south of the river but Brompton, or as my sister politely calls it “Between Chelsea and Kensington” are most definitely north of Hammersmith Bridge. So is it North or South.

    Also, North, and East London both have exclusive single letter postcodes. Any thoughts on reclaiming the letter S from Sheffield/South Yorkshire for postcode use in London?

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