Brixton is a tree & South rises above North!!

Here in my brain we Love revolution & we Love art. So, it stands to reason, we Love revolutionary art. And here’s an example:

(Click on image to see a larger version on the original website)

A map of Brixton, as a tree. It’s been cyberlooted from the Londonist blog, as I was desperate to share it directly with you, my comrades. I particularly love the counterhegemony of placing the South on top. The South Will Rise Again!


It was designed by the mysteriously named Liam Roberts, who explains thus: [Here is] Brixton, rendered as a tree, featuring a few of the great treasures of the neighbourhood – i.e. pubs and cafes that I make a habit of frequenting! You’ll notice that north is “down” and south is “up” – partly because Brixton’s roads better resemble a branching, forking tree this way, and I guess there’s also an antipodean streak in me (strange as a Canadian) that would like to see the south treated as “top” wherever possible. The tree is drawing water from London’s great giver of life, the Thames, depicted here as part of the underground watertable. Some of my favourite unique and characterful pubs and cafes are represented here either as hanging fruit, or as nests: I thought this made sense as these places can be sources of sweet sustenance, as well as temporary dwellings.

If Liam or the folk at the Londonist blog read this, get in touch. Liam deserves a revolutionary medal for his services to South London, and I should like to make him one.

Peace x


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