A Tale of Two Saints: George & Jordi

St. George’s Day. The patron saint of England. And Georgia. And Milan. And syphilis suffers. And, more generally, anyone with a skin condition. But St. George does not represent South London. We are at once truculently independent and systematically ignored by England. And not least by the hypercapitalistic hub of The City, which has its own take on the St. George cross:

The City of London Flag. Please burn.

Now, whilst the public debate over South London’s adoption of their own patron saint carries on,  I suggest that for tomorrow, the 23rd of April, rather than celebrating St. George we South Londoners pointedly celebrate La Diada de Sant Jordi – the day of San Jordi, the patron saint of the city of Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia, who shares a Saints day with George…

La Diada de Sant Jordi

Indeed, Jordi IS George, but celebrated with romance & literature & roses & public appreciation of fabulous architecture. Not a warm pint of Carling with a dead wasp floating in it.

And, after all, South London is twinned with the revolutionarily utopian & classless Barcelona discovered – however briefly – by George (ahem) Orwell in 1936.



One Response to “A Tale of Two Saints: George & Jordi”

  1. […] in this country. Notably, FreeSouthLondon (twitter – blog) wrote a blog post about how much they celebrate St Georges Day in Barcelona, being as St George is, their patron saint too. I was travelling around London on St Georges Day and noticed that with only a few exceptions (like […]

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