Know Your Enemy: Pete Montague MP

Remember this sneering face, comrades!

South Londoners! We have a cancer in our midst. Prepare for the lumpectomy of truth.

I have met some real rascals in my time. Imperialist swines. Sinking-ship-jumping rodents. Stupid fools in positions of privilidge.  Progress-blocking traditionalists. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across any one man to so encapsulate all these enraging qualities in one worthless human existance…

Ladies, Gentlemen & Transvestite Streetwalkers… I introduce you to perhaps Britain’s – and certainly South London’s – worst elected representative, Pete Montague MP of the Conservative Party.

Here he is, the toffee-nosed fool, spreading misunderstanding & confusion on the campaign trail in Lewisham…

And again, this time self-brushing his own political body with the tar of quasi-racism…

And, worst of all my dear comrades, is this abusive insultation he recklessly threw my way via Twitter earlier today:

@FreeSouthLondon I have watched your videos and admired your balls. You do appear however to be a sort of gypo leftie which I cannot abide.

The people of South London deserve better than an abusive idiot like this. This Thursday, spoil your ballot. But if you live in Montague’s constituency, I strongly suggest you soil it.

And I challenge you, Montague, to a public debate in Brixton. Let’s take it to the street. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Just you, me, a couple of soapboxes, a few television cameras, scores of journalists, a few hyperlocal bloggers, a handful of overly excited hecklers, some bigotted woman, a strong police presence, MI6 snipers on the roof and some bemused rastas.


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