Removed because I’m an idiot…

…a complete & utter idiot.

4 Responses to “Removed because I’m an idiot…”

  1. You’re an idiot. My brother has that exact scar from almost dying last year. How about you do some research before slandering the kid on the internet. That scar is from them having to remove his skull to relieve pressure in his brain. I hope you feel like scum because that’s what you are.

    • I’ve only just seen this. You are completely right and I’m totally in the wrong and I apologise. Yes, I was aware of the facts behind what happened. In real life I think what happened to your brother was horrific and he was failed by the judicial system. This crappy blog post was an indulgent in-joke written ‘in character’ (a not very nice character, obviously) referring to some of the shit being said about your brother by certain idiots that only a few friends would have ‘got’, but to put it up here in public was very foolish. if I had thought for a second anyone like a family member would have seen it I’d simply not have done it. It is in very poor taste. I feel like a moron and am very sorry. As you can see, I have removed the content. Again, I can only offer my apologies.

  2. you f asshole

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