I’ve Just Spent My/Your Last £10

Dear disappointed voters…

An uncampaigning update.

I am apparently being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for my so-called embezzlement of funds raised for my election deposit. It is utterly disgusting. Even if I have embezzled people, it was only to the tune of £10,000. There’s people who avoid that much tax everyday.

I have tried to get in contact with the Tax Payers’ Alliance regarding this but they don’t seem to be interested, the astroturfed bastards.

The mayoral ‘race’ trundles along without me to its inevitably corrupt centrist conclusion. I noted with amusement that Boris & Ken nearly had a punch-up in an elevator yesterday. I think I’m the only one coming out of this election with any credit.

On the advice of a solicitor I have just spent the last ten quid of my mayoral election ‘deposit’. On what? On this:

David Harvey’s latest. Have you read any of his stuff? He’s good. The beardy acceptable Santa-like face of inevitable crisis.

Please send food parcels and gifts of money to the usual address.

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