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Memories of the 2010 General Election…

Posted in Change We Can Believe In, Commune, Decadence, FreeSouthLondon, General Election 2010, Protest, Revolution, South London, Streatham with tags , , , , , on May 11, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

…Or, rather, my dramatic impact on on it.

The Liberal Democratic electionerring machine and I clashed eight days ago in my hometown of Streatham. Here’s a photo diary.

As you can tell, the police almost immediately lost control of the situation as soon as I turned up. That would be the combination of revolutionary potential & charismatic leadership..

I bravely threw myself into the throng of media sucklers and mainstream party political droogs.

Two Great Men of History: As I held court with the confused national media, I met Clarence Thompson MBE, local poet, scientist, Race Relations Act architect, housebuilder & first-class self-publicist.

As soon as Clegg arrived, he was surrounded by media, supporters & the terminally curious. I set about demanding information on the Lib Dem position on the growing demands for transpontine independence in South London... But then! Oh, reader! Then I met his wife, Miriam González Durántez. Struck by her beauty, I found myself speechless halfway through a complicated request for a structured roadmap to a referendum on independence. I found myself shouting the words ¡Miriam es guapa! She smiled at me, blushed even. For a brief moment of intense hunger our eyes met through my aviator sunglasses. And she was gone...

Miriam is clearly caught up with me. She can't even look at her husband. Their marriage is clearly on the rocks. This is what a charismatic revolutionary can do when he swaggers into your life...

And, so, Miriam my sweetest rose petal. How about it? You. Me. My three other wifes. The top secret Anarcho-Situationist Commune. Candlelit debates about tenuous technicalities of European law, followed by passionate, grinding, Jupiter-moving Love Making. I know you read this blog Miriam. Take me. Take me NOW.

I guess, in a way, I should feel sorry for Clegg. He swung into Streatham on a wave of Cleggmania, but limped out – his wife in love with a heroic revolutionary type, his poll ratings crashing from close to 30% to Thursday’s 23%, and now he finds himself in a bit of a no-win situation regarding the difficult coalition negotiations…


Why Do I Change My Location So Often?

Posted in British Empire, Brixton, Commune, Indigenous Culture, Lewisham, Revolution, South London, Streatham with tags , , , on March 24, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

First thing first, comrades, I never change my location in the most important of senses. I am always repwezentin South London. So glorious, and (one day) so free.

But I periodically alter my precise location. The eagle eyed amongst you will have no doubt noticed that the I have – in what I like to term an Orwellian Turn – changed the location of the Anarcho-Situationist Commune from Lewisham to Brixton. This is not the first time I’ve changed the precise part of South London I have claimed to live. Before Lewisham it was the Wandsworth Anarcho-Situationist Commune. Earlier still, the Bugsby’s Marsh Anarcho-Situationist Commune. Next it could be Streatham, Lambeth or anywhere else.


There are a number of reasons. One is security. MI6 Would love to know my exact whereabouts. The British state’s distrust of the revolutionary potential of the collective South London hivemind is one of the main reasons they set up shop in Vauxhall.

But the most important is – as alluded to earlier – Repwezentationism. I want to – indeed, have to – represent ALL of our beautiful half-city. I live in the abstract sense of a homogenous, revolutionary, united South London. The grey reality of specific location would hamper the revolutionary cause. Our unted identity should be our weapon.