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Know Your Enemy: Pete Montague MP

Posted in British Empire, Change We Can Believe In, FreeSouthLondon, General Election 2010, Lewisham, Protest, Punk, Racism, Revolution, South London, Tories, Video, Vox Pop with tags , , , , , , on May 1, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

Remember this sneering face, comrades!

South Londoners! We have a cancer in our midst. Prepare for the lumpectomy of truth.

I have met some real rascals in my time. Imperialist swines. Sinking-ship-jumping rodents. Stupid fools in positions of privilidge.¬† Progress-blocking traditionalists. But I don’t think I’ve ever come across any one man to so encapsulate all these enraging qualities in one worthless human existance…

Ladies, Gentlemen & Transvestite Streetwalkers… I introduce you to perhaps Britain’s – and certainly South London’s – worst elected representative, Pete Montague MP of the Conservative Party.

Here he is, the toffee-nosed fool, spreading misunderstanding & confusion on the campaign trail in Lewisham…

And again, this time self-brushing his own political body with the tar of quasi-racism…

And, worst of all my dear comrades, is this abusive insultation he recklessly threw my way via Twitter earlier today:

@FreeSouthLondon I have watched your videos and admired your balls. You do appear however to be a sort of gypo leftie which I cannot abide.

The people of South London deserve better than an abusive idiot like this. This Thursday, spoil your ballot. But if you live in Montague’s constituency, I strongly suggest you soil it.

And I challenge you, Montague, to a public debate in Brixton. Let’s take it to the street. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Just you, me, a couple of soapboxes, a few television cameras, scores of journalists, a few hyperlocal bloggers, a handful of overly excited hecklers, some bigotted woman, a strong police presence, MI6 snipers on the roof and some bemused rastas.


Why Do I Change My Location So Often?

Posted in British Empire, Brixton, Commune, Indigenous Culture, Lewisham, Revolution, South London, Streatham with tags , , , on March 24, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

First thing first, comrades, I never change my location in the most important of senses. I am always repwezentin South London. So glorious, and (one day) so free.

But I periodically alter my precise location. The eagle eyed amongst you will have no doubt noticed that the I have – in what I like to term an Orwellian Turn – changed the location of the Anarcho-Situationist Commune from Lewisham to Brixton. This is not the first time I’ve changed the precise part of South London I have claimed to live. Before Lewisham it was the Wandsworth Anarcho-Situationist Commune. Earlier still, the Bugsby’s Marsh Anarcho-Situationist Commune. Next it could be Streatham, Lambeth or anywhere else.


There are a number of reasons. One is security. MI6 Would love to know my exact whereabouts. The British state’s distrust of the revolutionary potential of the collective South London hivemind is one of the main reasons they set up shop in Vauxhall.

But the most important is – as alluded to earlier – Repwezentationism. I want to – indeed, have to – represent ALL of our beautiful half-city. I live in the abstract sense of a homogenous, revolutionary, united South London. The grey reality of specific location would hamper the revolutionary cause. Our unted identity should be our weapon.