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The East London Line

Posted in Croydon, East London, FreeSouthLondon, London Underground, North London, South London with tags , , , on April 22, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

Oh my god. The poor semi-savage beasts of Crystal Palace feel so isolated, so withdrawn from the centralised hub of London that the sorry bastards are planning on holding a stree party to celebrate a new train line that goes to… bloody Dalston?! If this isnt proof of the desperate situation in South London I dont what is…

Come on. Thime to get serious. We need revolution, or we need euthenasia. Which will it be?

Crystal Palace. Once glorious. Now terminal.


The Gentrification of Clapham?

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I, Wolfgang Moneypenny, took a revolutionary tour of the Clapham Common area last week. Here, pulsating with the roaring flames of truth, is the video of said event. It is something fairly remarkable. Intense. Never before have I felt so alive, so in love with my beautiful transpontine motherland.  The dualities of South London literally came vigorously alive on tape. Several innocent  bystanders shat themselves with joy/fear.

Oh well! You have to guillotine a few eggs to rape an omelette.

Wolfgang Moneypenny’s Mothering Sunday Video

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This one goes out to ALL the mums of South London… but most of all my own dear mum.

Peace, Respect, Revolutionary Love xxx

Streatham Undeground Station…?

Posted in FreeSouthLondon, London Underground, Revolution, South London, Streatham with tags , , , on March 10, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

Streatham doesn’t have a tube stop. But, compared to some of the boring holes up North that have one – at least one – the wonderful town of Streatham is more than deserving.

Visit the StreathamTube campaign website to see what’s going on.

I grew up in Streatham. Streatham is an important part of who I am. Streatham would have benefitted enormously from a tube. Not just in the practical economic ways, but socio-culturally. Rightly or wrongly, there is a credence accorded to tube towns. It’s a badge of honour. A way in as well as a way out. THAT’S A METAPHOR.

And it would have benefited me also. Where do you think the seeds of my rabidly murderous South London pride come from?! THE RELATIVE ISOLATION OF BEAUTIFUL STREATHAM IN THE 19motherfucking80s!

TfL can mull over that when they watch news footage of me shooting up the House of Commons with my Napoleonic bicorne aflame in ragesome… flame. WORD.

A Symbol of Our Oppression

Posted in British Empire, FreeSouthLondon, London Underground, Revolution, South London on March 2, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

An excellently subversive reimagining of the (North) London Underground map, turned around and with the station names appropriately renamed according to the places in South London. This image shockingly highlights the inequality South London has come to expect as part of the British Empire. To think Morden-dwelling Horatio Nelson DIED fighting for this bullshit! INDEPENDENCE IS THE ONLY ANSWER!

(Big revolutionary shout out to for designing this, or rather counterdesigning it. PEACE!)