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At Last!! Evidence That The Mighty Pteranodon Still Flies Above South London

Posted in Elephant & Castle, FreeSouthLondon, Pteranodon, South London on September 30, 2011 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

Here it is. This could be the final piece in the empirical jigsaw that finally proves South London is home to the last remaining squadron of pteranodons – previously thought to have died out millions of years ago.

Soaring high above the equally threatened with extinction Heygate Estate, this majestic beast is no doubt looking for a fishmongers to ramraid.

Many of the world’s leading¬†palaeontologists¬†have long since stopped returning my e-mails and so were unavailable to comment at time of going to press. And, of course, some naysayers may argue that the photo may have been digitally manipulated.

But we won’t let that stop us rejoicing, will we my possums…?

Embrace it – our collective spirit animal. The Pteranodon.




The Pteranodon

Posted in Change We Can Believe In, Diaspora, FreeSouthLondon, Indigenous Culture, North London, Pteranodon, Revolution, South London, Wildlife with tags , , , on April 21, 2010 by Wolfgang Moneypenny

Comrades. A most wonderous thought struck my tired brainbox last night deep in the revolutionarium cellebellum. A staggering thought of equal poetic gorgeousness and political use-value.

Once-upon-a-time the mighty flying creature The Pteranodon flew above what is now our fantasplendid motherland of South London. Imagine this as you look outside your window, as you step outside you house, as you catch a bus. THIS used to be Pteranodon country!

And think deeper still. These brilliant beings used to shit over North London. A faecal future war of anti-imperialism ejected from the exit end of their digestive system.

Ladies, Gentlemen & Transvestite Streetwalkers, I present to you the latest iconoclastic symbol of South London…

South London's future freedom symbolised by The Pteranodon

JUST THINK!! Pteranodons used to fly over prehistoric South London. IMAGINE IT! Soaring high, then defecating fishy faeces over Finchley.


I am moved to beautiful, heroic, euphoric, indulgent tears at the thought of a Pteranodon unloading its waste-filled bowels over prehistoric Islington.


Westminster? More like WASTEminster after Mr. Ptreranodon, the renowned sexual beast, makes a visit to North London toiletry airspace.

"Have some of this, slaaaag!!"

Finsbury Park? More like Finsbumjuice Park. Go, Pteranodon, Go!

RIP my wonderful comrades. Until we meet again...