Pervert Gentrification, or, Paedo-Diplomacy?

The Scottish Sun has roared howls of derision at what they see as the latest kiddie-fiddling outrage.

The paper argues that there is a systematic clustering of child sex criminals in deprived areas.

You’re probably asking yourselves, Is this shocking news or a positive move? Thankfully I’m hear to give you a radical urbanist interpretation or two.

On the one one hand, since these ex-con paedophiles are likely to be single men, and therefore with a higher than average disposable income (assuming they get jobs of course, which I admit may be a slight hole in this theory) then they will represent a gentrifying influx into a poor community, making life tougher for all. That’s fucked up.

On the other hand, paedophiles are perhaps the one sure-fire way to get the rabid right wing press to give a hoot about inequality. This pervert dumping could therefore be a progressive development.

Given this confused dichotomy, I’m pleased to welcome the political cartoonist AMRMI to shed some light onto what a cautionary search on Twitter reveals to not quite be the hot-potato issue of the day… (but I owed AMRMI a favour due to my failure to payback a donation to my now defunct mayoral election deposit fund, and Comment is Free weren’t interested – snooty bastards – so I’m publishing it here.)

(Note to AMRMI: for fuck’s sake why didn’t you do a picture about the bloody email surveillance? You’re bloody perv-obsessed.)

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